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Rate: 55% out of 100
Silver Crown award of TG
Price: $000
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Reviewed by Yuri Storchak

• Requirements: 
Pentium 90MHz, 16MB RAM, Direct3D compliant video card, DirectX 7 ,  Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP

• Description: 
This card game surely reminds me beloved Magic The Gathering, but highly cut off. And all that developers could do was vamped up. During cutting code of Arcomage mini-game from the M&M7, the project has lost the ability to be ran in fullscreen mode. This little game should be now admired only in a window box slightly larger than 640x480. A possibility to stretch game window is absent. And therefore, for modern screen resolutions and large monitors, the game looks quite unobtrusive on a desktop. The only way to change the video mode is to set barbaric 800x600, but number of display colors must be 65536. However, the game allows you to launch it in 256 colors as well, but such ancient computers probably have already left gamers tables nowadays. You start with the field represented by two towers, quarry, barracks, and mana pool. There is three ways to win: 1) - To build a tower of certain height. 2) - Raze enemy tower. 3) - To collect a certain amount of any resource. There are three types of these in the game: stone, mana and recruits. While doing all this mess, we will be using a pack of cards; some of them are issued at random in the first loan, for each player, and then make a cycle between players during all game. Cards may be used only if there are enough available resources for certain card. For example, if we want to put a dragon on foes tower, we should have a hoard of recruits. All of three storages during the game may be extended in numerical terms, which will accelerate resource income. This can be done with special cards. We also should mention a logicality of cards properties. For example, if your wall is higher than the enemy???‚?„?s one, a card with archers will hit foes tower directly, and if your tower is lower, enemy defensive fortifications will be damaged by archers... In general, the guys from Stickman games made completely independent logic game, maybe not such a complex as the famous MtG, but it is still very playable and addictive in its simplicity.

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