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Doom 3

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Reviewed by Yuri Storchak

Science fiction first-person shooter. Doom 3 is an exciting and well-done sequel to the award-winning Doom game. The main concept of the gameplay stays rather similar to the previous games. In the game the plot of hell is coming to earth. Be ready to face numerous demons most of which should be defeated by you. Assume the role of the nameless space marine called by the Union Aerospace Corporation to Mars. You.ll arrive on Mars to investigate the series of strange events. Move smoothly through dark environments fulfilling the objectives. Numerous battles are waiting for you in the game. Be always on the watch because your enemies are very fast and accurate. Most of the time, you will be shooting the enemies, trying to defeat them. Fighting your way through the levels with locked doors, you will gradually find new weapons to use, and other enhancements. The multiplayer option won.t impress you much; the game is mainly focused on the single-player campaigns. Overall, Doom 3 is a nice remake of the original Doom game.

Publisher: Activision

Extras and features:
· Perfect 3D Graphics
· Numerous Fast and Accurate Enemies to Defeat
· Varied Environments to Go Through
· The sequel does not differ much from the previous versions of the game.

Requirements: Windows 2000,Windows XP

Alternative names: Doom Three, Doom III, Dum 3

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