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   Sci-fi first-person shooter. Halo 2 is an exciting sequel to Halo game. Much has happened since Master Chief created much havoc in the original game. Get into the shoes of Master Chief and find yourself in the Covenant Holy City of High Charity in the beginning of the game. The game presents lots of enhanced items as well as engaging storyline. You can now use two weapons at once, defeating your enemies. Try your playing skills as a commander of new unit of super soldiers, the ODST. If you have played the original game you will notice that a great amount of new units and items are added here, such as: new enemy types, allies, lots of surprises throughout the gameplay. The combat becomes more intense. Of course most of weaponry types return from the original game, so you won't spend much time getting acquainted with them and the control system. If to speak about the vehicles, you will again find your favorite ones but this time a bit enhanced and a few new. The most differential feature of this game is that the player has only one lifeline, which makes the game tougher. There is one more important detail among all the enhancements; it is the game's multiplayer mode, which hasn't been present in the original game. The mode provides you with the same weaponry and vehicles, new huge maps and customizable profiles.

Publisher: Microsoft

Extras and features:
New Unit of Super Soldiers, the ODST
New Types of Vehicles
Lots of New Items and Units
Engaging Multiplayer Mode
The single-player can be too difficult to play

Requirements: Windows Vista

Alternative names: Helo 2, Halo II, Hale 2, Halo Two

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