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Prey Limited Collector's Edition

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   First-person shooter. Dive into the exciting thrills in this dark story based on authentic Cherokee mythology. Assume the role of Tommy and battle an evil alien menace, experience an emotional story of love and sacrifice in Prey Limited Collector's Edition. You and your girl-friend are abducted by aliens; they need you to save the planet. Do everything you can to protect your love and to stay alive. Rescuing your love along the way you will end up saving the whole world! Be always on the watch as the environment comes alive and attacks you; the enemies can appear out of thin air. Don't forget that you also have the ability to leave your body and spirit walk. In spirit form you can walk through the force fields, over large gaps, and much more. You have an assistant, a spiritual hawk, who helps you to decipher the difficult alien language and to fight the enemies throughout the play. To fulfill all the objectives and tasks you can use new gameplay elements, such as: Spirit Walking, Wall Walking, and Deathwalk. Overall, the plot in the game is rather solid. The developers did a great job explaining why you were the person chosen of all people to save the world. The ending of the game won't disappoint you, it leaves you feeling pretty satisfied.

Publisher: Take 2

Extras and features:
New Gameplay Elements: Spirit Walking, Wall Walking, and Deathwalk
Exciting Storyline
Numerous Weapons to Use
Innovative Portal System
The use of portals must be improved

Requirements: Windows XP

Alternative names: Pray Lemited Kollector's Eddition, Prei Limeted Colectors Idition.

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