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Quake 4

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Reviewed by Yuri Storchak

Action game. Quake 4 is a challenging sequel to Quake games, which provides the players with a number of new features and items to use. The game starts up where Quake 2 finishes. You have a choice between two exciting game modes: Single-player and Multiplayer. Overall, the gameplay hasn’t changed much since the previous games; just you’ll find some new maps, and other items to use. The single-player campaign is considered to be more exciting than multiplayer. At the beginning of the game, you assume the role of Matthew Kane, a regular marine from Rhino Squad, working with other marines enjoying an action gameplay. You’ll be impressed by surprisingly varied gameplay. With the game’s progress the level of difficulty increases. Sometimes you’ll find yourself alone without any squad on the playing field. So, everything is in your hands. Be ready to fight against a great number of monsters and enemies. Multiplayer mode suggests huge battles to your attention as well as challenging tasks to fulfill.

Publisher: Activision

Extras and features:
· New Weapons to Use: Nailgun, Rifle and others
· Two Game Modes: Single-player and Multiplayer
· Nice Graphics
· Comfortable Menu
· Multiplayer doesn’t work as good as you may expect

Requirements: Windows XP

Alternative names: Quake Four, Quake IV, Kvake 4, Kwake 4

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