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Silverfall MB DVD

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Reviewed by Yuri Storchak

   First-person shooter. All the events of the game are set in the world of fantasy where powers of technology and nature dominate. The fascinating world of Nelwe invites you to have an exciting journey and try your skills saving your own city, Silverfall, from invasion. Silverfall is the capital of the kingdom Egreid in the land of Nelwe. One day the land is attacked by a powerful army of daemons. The inhabitants leave the land, and the new era, a dark one, is going to begin. Your task is to stop this and bring peace to your land. At the beginning of the game you should create your own character, choosing one out of four suggested races. With the game.s progress your character will be enhancing; there are over 130 skills and spells to use. Create a team of 2 to 8 characters and dive into great challenges. Be ready to fight against numerous, more than 150, creatures and bosses. Decision making is the key notion during the game play. Your choices influence both storyline and the development of skills, so be clever enough not to make too many mistakes!

Publisher: Atari

Extras and features:
Four Races to Choose From
Over 150 Creatures and Bosses
Over 130 Skills and Spells to Use
Inconvenient interface

Requirements: Windows

Alternative names: Silverfal MB DVD, Silvefall MB DVD, Silverfoll MB DVD, Silwerfall MB DVD

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