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Unreal Anthology

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   Sci-Fi first-person shooter. Unreal Anthology is a great collection, which includes the original Unreal with the Return to Na Pali expansion pack, Unreal Tournament GOTY edition, Unreal II, and UT2004 Editors Choice. If you have ever played at least one of the enumerated games, you will agree that this catalog is worth buying. All the games from it suggest intensive shooter action throughout the game play as well as numerous challenging tasks and objectives to fulfill. Each game is specific in its own way, for example, you will find the ruthless artificial intelligence in the original game, the death gladiator chaos in Unreal Tournament, great explosions in the epic Unreal II, air and space combat in UT2004, and lots of other exciting moments. Unreal II and original Unreal are both story driven shooters. They give you a possibility to fight against a world bent on your destruction. In other games you will play individual battles to prove you are the greatest warrior. All the games armor you with the best weapons. One of the strongest sides of Unreal games is that you can download hundreds of maps, weapons, skins.

Publisher: Midway

Extras and features:
Four Challenging Games in One
Two Modes: Multiplayer and Single-Player
The Built-in Editor Option
Great Background Music
The collection doesnt offer anything new

Requirements: Windows XP

Alternative names: Unriel Anthology, Anreal Anthology, Unreal Unthology, Unreal Antology

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