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Unreal Tournament III

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Reviewed by Yuri Storchak

First-person shooter. Unreal Tournament III is a great sequel to the original game, which suggests a tense action for your attention. You are given a possibility to test your playing skills in a tense action. The basic premise remains unchanged in the game: two teams of players attempt to reach each other’s base and attack it. And at the same time you’ll notice lots of new items introduces to the gameplay, such as: varied locations, incredible vehicle types, numerous weapons, etc. One of the most fast new vehicles is the hoverboard, which allows you to move much more quickly, even while carrying an orb or a flag. There is one more new twist in the game: the addition orb, one for a team, which can be carried to capture the next vulnerable power node. If a character, who carries the orb, is killed, it self-destructs. The gameplay is accompanied by numerous maps, which provides the players with information different at each level. You’ll also have new abilities, like a turbo boost and eject for the Scorpion. Several game modes in single-player will attract your attention as well.

Publisher: Midway

Extras and features:
· Solid Warfare Mode
· Great Variety of Weapons
· New Vehicle CTF Mode
· Numerous New Maps
· Single-player campaign is poorly designed.

Requirements: Windows

Alternative names: Unreal Tournament Three, Anreal Tournament III, Unreal Tornament III

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