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Pacific Fighters

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   Flight simulation game. Pacific Fighters is an exciting game which takes you to the events of World War II. It gives you a possibility to try your playing skills flying a great variety of fighters and bombers over the Pacific theatre. Be ready to fight in different locations, including: Midway, Pearl Harbor, Okinawa, and Singapore. You will take part in the most interesting air battles of WWII. The game is accessible to players of all skill levels. It includes extensive tutorials and lots of settings. Both novice and professional players will enjoy playing this game. You will deal with 16 new maps; all of them are very detailed. The game provides you with hundreds of different targets, ranging from railroads to battleships both on the ground and at the sea. The game includes aircraft carries, which is a new feature since the previous games. If you are a fan of online games, you will enjoy playing this game for sure.

Publisher: UBI Soft

Extras and features:
Interesting Historical Locations to Visit
Forty Aircraft Models
16 Detailed Maps
Different Skills Levels
The games manual lacks information

Requirements: Windows XP,Windows 98

Alternative names: Pasific Fighters, Pacifik Fighters, Pacific Faiters

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