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Nancy Drew Double Dare 4

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   Adventure game. It is really great game which is based on the best-selling Nancy Drew book of all time. It is really a thrilling wild-west adventure. The game includes two games. The first is Nancy Drew: Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon, and the other is Nancy Drew: Secret Of the Old Clock. The first Nancy Drew game is about a young rich girl who had her father restore an old train back to working condition. There are many rumors surrounding this train - especially since the original owner wound up missing in the mid 1800's, and his engineer was found still in the train, in the middle of the desert, dead... On top of this, the owner's wife had died on the train at an earlier date, so many people thought it was haunted. Jack Hurley had found gold in a mine but that the directions to find this mine were all hidden inside the train. Nancy is invited to help solve the mysteries, and find the mine. The plot of the second mystery begins when Nancy is summoned to the Lilac Inn to meet with a friend of a friend - 17 years-old Emily Crandall. Emily owns an inn and she's in a jam; she's low on cash and nearly bankrupt. However, she does have one hope of saving the inn: a neighbor died and left his money to her in his will. She soon finds herself embroiled in a mystery regarding a contested inheritance and an odd old man with several mysterious contraptions to figure out. Each of the games is really great for itself but together they are really exciting.

Publisher: Atari

Extras and features:
1930 Setting with Vintage Cars, Clothes, and Slang
Second Chance Option
Cell Phone allows you to Call for Hints and Surf the Internet
Fully-realized 3D Graphics
Sophisticated Audio
Animation lookc choppy sometimes

Requirements: Windows XP

Alternative names: Nancy Drew Double Dare IV, Nency Drew Double Dare 4, Nancy Drey Double Dare 4, Nancy Drew Dauble Dare 4, Nansy Drew Double Dare 4.

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