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Nancy Drew: Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake (Jewel Case)

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Adventure game. Nancy Drew: Ghost of Moon Lake is a great version of Nancy Drew games. You will again assume the role of Nancy . This time you get a note from your friend, Rose, who has some problems. You do everything you can to help her, dealing with mysterious cases, solving cryptic puzzles, interviewing a cast of suspicious characters. Your task is to find out the truth behind local legends. You have a possibility to call Nancy 's friends when you are in difficult situation. Among her friends you will find: Ned, Bess and George and her partners, the Hardy Boys. They explore 200 hot spots that give more clues to help you. The game is full of intrigue and fun! 

Publisher: Her Interactive

Extras and features:
· Gorgeous 3D Graphics
· A Number of Exciting Puzzles to Solve
· Interesting Storyline
· A lot of Characters to Deal With
· More information should be added to the tutorial

Requirements: Windows XP

Alternative names: Nency Druw: Gost Dogs of Mon Lace; Nanci Dreu: Host Dog of Mun Leik.

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