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Nancy Drew Secrets Can Kill

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   Puzzle/Detective game. Nancy Drew Secrets Can Kill is the first game in Nancy Drew series. The game puts kids in the shoes of teenage detective, Nancy Drew. In this game they must explore the murder of an unpopular student at the high school in the town of Paseo Del Mar, Florida. Try to find all the evidences in 5 interesting locations, searching for more than 300 hidden clues and objects which will help you to solve the case. The game involves you in the action, you should not only look for clues, but talk with victim.s fellow students, asking questions, analyze encrypted messages, and much more. The game gives you possibility to use .second chance. which lets you repeat sections of the game later on. Think fast solving difficult puzzles! The game is very challenging and fun; it develops players. logical and deductive thinking.

Publisher: Her Interactive

Extras and features:
300 Hidden Clues and Objects
Five Unique Locations
A Number of Difficult Puzzles to Solve
Exciting Storyline
There are some flaws in graphics

Requirements: Windows 98,Windows 2000,Windows Me,Windows XP,Windows 95

Alternative names: Nansy Druw Sicrets Cen Cill, Nency Drue Sekrets Kan Kil, Nency Dru Sicrets Can Cil.

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