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Nancy Drew Treasure In The Royal Tower

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   Adventure game. Nancy Drew Treasure in the Royal Tower is the fourth adventure in the Nancy Drew series. You have already loved this smart, brave, witty, and adventuresome girl, Nancy! This time Nancy has her vacation at an old ski lodge in Wisconsin. But, as always, the trouble is near her. The library was vandalized. And your task, assuming the role of Nancy, is to uncover the secret, exploring the old lodge, searching for clues, dealing with a number of people. The game gets more interesting and challenging after you uncover that the lodge contains an old tower which was sealed off. It was brought from France and served as Marie Antoinette's hiding place during the French Revolution. If the treasure is hidden in the tower, then you can understand the reason of the vandalized library. But why do all people are acting so suspicious? It is your task to solve this mystery, and to find the answers to all the questions. You can choose between tow game modes: senior, for more experienced players, and junior, for younger players. Be ready to spend lots of exciting hours near your computer, solving a number of challenging tasks!

Publisher: Her Interactive

Extras and features:
A Number of Puzzles to Solve
Two Game Modes: Junior and Senior
Engaging Storyline
Interesting Second Chance Option
Old game concept

Requirements: Windows 95,Windows XP,Windows Me,Windows 2000,Windows 98

Alternative names: Nansy Drew Treasure in the Royal Tower, Nancy Druw Treasure in the Royal Tower, Nancy Drew Treser in the Royal Tower

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