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Reviewed by Yuri Storchak

Action. Welcome to Battlefield 2 where you can experience the smallest details of war craft while playing single player mode or fighting with up to 64 users via the internet. There are three factions: US forces, Middle East Coalition and China; each faction contains seven types of soldiers with different functions and sets of weapons. So you can choose from special op, assault, sniper, support, medic, engineer or anti-tank unit and begin straight-out fight throughout ten huge maps. More than that, you can control great variety of such vehicles as boats, cars, armored troop-carriers, tanks, helicopters and even ultra modern fighters. A map includes several control points, which are divided between your and enemy teams. Your task is to seize enemy control points and don't let do the same to your enemy; you earn points for that. The winner is that team, which earn more scores or seize all the enemy control points or eliminate the entire opposite forces.  

Publisher: Electronic Arts

Extras and features:
· High Quality Detailed Graphics
· Two Game Modes: Single Player and Multiplayer
· Ten Huge Maps
· Seven Types of Soldiers: Special Op, Assault, Sniper, Support, Medic, Engineer and Anti-tank Unit
· Control Over 30 Types of Vehicles: Boats, Cars, Armored Troop-carriers, Tanks, Helicopters and Fighters
· Three Factions: US Forces, China, and Middle East Coalition
· It would be nice if there were single-player campaigns

Requirements: Windows XP

Alternative names: Battlefield II, Battlefield Two, Batlefield 2, Battlefild 2.

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