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Battlefield 2142 (DVD-ROM)

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Reviewed by Yuri Storchak

Action. Battlefield 2142 transfers you to distant future, where two powerful coalitions: European Union and Pan Asian Coalition are fighting for survival. As ice covers Europe killing all living beings, the only way to survive is to move southward and seize North Africa. That piece of land becomes immediate cause of multinational conflict that grows into a savage war. Two factions, armed with ultra modern weapons and vehicles, battle and eliminate each other on vast territory stretched from E uropean towns and villages to the vast expanses of North Africa. There is deadly arsenal to your disposal that includes assault rifles, sniper rifles, missile launchers, light machine guns plus Battle Walkers and huge air-battleships named Titans. Unfortunately there are only four types of soldiers that seems less attractive in comparison with seven ones in Battlefield 2, but I should admit that these types of soldiers are much more customizable and flexible. Due to new award system you can unlock over 40 kinds of weapons and equipments, earn medals and other prizes. A completely new feature is Titan mode that goes together with the traditional conquest mode and single player. The goal of Titan Mode is to destroy the opponent's Titan, which is a huge air-battleship protected by an energy shield. If you have no internet connection you can play single-player mode against the artificial intelligence, though it is limited to 16-player maps.  

Publisher: Electronic Arts

Extras and features:
· High Quality Detailed Graphics
· Three Game Modes: Single Player, Conquer and Titan
· Unlock Weapons, Equipment, Medal, Rank and more
· Four Classes of Soldiers
· Fide Range of Futuristic Weapons
· Control Battle Machines: Battle Walkers and Titans
· There are only four classes of soldiers
· Load time is too long

Requirements: Windows XP

Alternative names: Batlefield 2142, Battlefild 2142, Battle field 2142

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