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Brothers In Arms: Earned in Blood

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   Action. Earned in Blood puts you in the shoes of an American corporal, named Joe "Red" Hartsock during the period of World War II. Hartsock was one of the thousands of US Airborne troopers who dropped in behind enemy lines the night before the Normandy landing in France. The story and the campaign are based on the real-life stories of Hartsock and his mates as they fought across the French countryside in those critical first two weeks after the invasion. You play as Hartsock from a first-person perspective and have the ability to walk, kneel, fire, aim down the iron sight of your gun, and throw grenades. You'll also have up to two different fire teams, or one fire team and a tank, at your command. You can direct each team to follow you, move to an area, open fire on enemies, or charge enemies in an all-out assault. In general, your team mates are intelligent about contextually evaluating their surroundings and finding the proper cover in a given situation. The general idea is that you or one of your teams first engages the enemy with a hail of suppressing fire. Then you direct your other squad element around to the side, where you can get a clean shot at the suppressed enemy and can possibly kill him. What's new about the enemy artificial intelligence in Earned in Blood is that it's more likely to retreat to another position if it spots you flanking, even if it's suppressed. This all makes Earned in Blood somewhat more difficult than the last game, but overall, veterans of Road to Hill 30 should find that this game is remarkably similar. Enemies behind cover are still not invincible to enemy fire. If you're a very careful shot with a rifle, it's possible to pick off enemy soldiers who are poking their heads up from behind cover. But in general, flanking manoeuvres still work better when the situation allows for it.

Publisher: UBI Soft

Extras and features:
Improved, More-aggressive Artificial Intelligence
Fantastic Cinematic-Style Presentation
Great Voice Acting
Feels a little too similar to the first game

Requirements: Windows XP

Alternative names: BrothersinArms: Earned in Blood, Brother in Arms: Earned in Blood, Brothers in Arms: EarnedinBlood, Brothers in Arm: Earned in Blood

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