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   Action game. It is a great sequel of favorite game Diablo. Diablo 2 opens with a vivid animated vision of that mad, doomed hero, who unwittingly spreads chaos as he moves toward a fate of Diablo's choosing. Here you can kill everyone and everything what is on the dark side. Along with weapon you can use spells, which are so helpful on your way. First you choose your character from a new cadre of champions: the Barbarian (can wield two two-handed swords at once, one in each hand), the Necromancer (raises the dead to fight his battles), the Amazon (master of bow and spear), Paladin (holy crusader), and Sorceress (wielder of elemental magic). These warriors follow a diabolical plot through four acts. Characters must fight their way through the above-ground wilderness before entering a dungeon. Hordes of vile monsters assail the hero, who survives by force of arms, powerful spells, and through the use of varied and exotic magic items. Along with the new character classes comes a new character skill system. You can improve their character's ability scores as they kill monsters and gain experience. Also you get to add specific skills, spells, and powers each time they advance. All in all it is really exciting to go through catacombs and nooks and scuffle with evil.

Publisher: Blizzard Entertainment

Extras and features:
Diabolical, Engrossing Story Line Told Through Brilliant Cutscenes
Five Unique New Classes
Random Dungeons Allow Unlimited Replayability
Millions of Magic Items, Including Rare Items and Sets of Unique Magical Equipment
Fantastic Music and Sound Effects
The map is not improved and it is still useless

Requirements: Macintosh,Windows XP,Mac OS X,Windows

Alternative names: Diablo II, Diablo Two, Diablo the Seconds, Dialbo 2.

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