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Shooter/ Action. F.E.A.R. Extraction Point is a nice sequel to the previous F.E.A.R. game. All the events of the game are set in the middle of the deserted American city where you are dealing with paranormal things, fighting with an army of clones. Assume the role of an elite soldier and try to do everything to reach your goal and escape. In F.E.A.R. you were defeating an army of cloned super soldiers, and their leader, Paxton Fettel. The game brought an intense psychological experience. The new version is very similar. Here you fight to get to the extraction point. The sequel introduces several new office interiors and a few new weapons you can play with. Be ready to take part in intense battles in new mission with even more horrifying storyline. The ability to slow down the time stayed unchanged since the last version of the game. It will help you during difficult moments in the game.  

Publisher: Vivendi Universal

Extras and features:
· The Ability to Slow Down the Time
· Several New Types of Weapons
· Effective Sound System
· A New Mission with Exciting Storyline
· There is no multiplayer option in the game

Requirements: Windows

Alternative names: FIAR Ekstraction Poent, FAER Ixtraction Paint, FEER Extraksion Point

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