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Star Wars Battlefront 2

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Shooter. Star Wars Battlefront 2 is an exciting sequel to the Star Wars games. Experience great thrills playing through an epic saga where the fate of the Star Wars galaxy depends much upon you. There is an improved fight control and complex space combat in the game. It brings you to challenging fights and exciting missions. You have a possibility to take part in combat in 12 new locations in multiplayer. Another new feature of the game is that you can play such hero like Jedi. All of the Jedi characters are unique, featuring different kinds of powers. Some maps also let you play special characters, including: Boba Fett and Hen Solo, equipped with powerful weapons. As well as in previous games you should earn points to unlock special classes. There are quite a number of vehicles throughout the gameplay, though some of the maps don't' suggest any vehicles at all. You have access to 4 different galactic conquest galaxies in the game. Your planets bring you bonuses, and your main goal is to take over your controls. 

Publisher: Lucas Arts Entertainment Co. LLC

Extras and features:
· A Number of Exciting Characters
· Over 13 New Battlefronts on Land and Space
· Four Galactic Conquest Galaxies
· Enhanced Graphics
· The game is pretty similar to its predecessor

Requirements: Windows XP,Windows 2000

Alternative names: Star Wors Batlefront 2, Star Was Battlefrant 2, Star War Battlephront 2

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