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   Online RPG. The game brings you into Star Wars, for incredible action and adventure in a far away galaxy! You are the hero of the adventures. You start your event as a rebel by helping Han Solo and Chewbacca and then you choose your path and find a place in the Galaxy. First of all you should choose the character and then customize each detail of it. You can make a decision from among 10 playable species. You can play as a human, Bothan, Wookiee and other 9 professions such as Bounty Hunter, Pilot, Smuggler, Commando or the ultimate - Jedi! It is really the great thing to establish your place in the city. You ought to build a home, open a cantina, even establish your own city Pilot multi-passenger ships like the YT-1300. You can join with others on missions that take them across the galaxy fighting with the Galactic Empire or the Rebel Faction along your way. As for me then this game is worth to be playing in, especially exiting the customizing of character and establishing of your place. All other items present the real adventure.

Publisher: LucasArts Entertainment

Extras and features:
Exquisite Graphics
Beautifully Orchestrated Music
10 Playable Races
Cutscenes Look Crude

Requirements: Windows XP,Windows 2000

Alternative names: Star Wars Galaxy: The Complete Online Adventure, Star Wars Galaxies: The Total Online Adventures, Star Wars Galaxies: The Complete Adventures, Star Wars Galaxies: The Comlpete Online Advetnures.

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