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   Action. Take part in the exciting Star Wars, interacting with famous classic locations and characters from previous games. Assume the role of Luke Skywalker, who started a training academy to rebuild Jedi Order. You main goal is to uncover and stop the nefarious plans of the Imperial Remnant as well as the group of dark-side Force, using a set of Force powers, such as: Push, Pull, and Speed. Be ready to face the ultimate choices: whether to fight for good in the light side or fight for the dark side. Before getting acquainted with the powers and dangers of the Force, you should create your own character, defining lots of characteristics, such as: gender, clothing and physical attributes. Construct your own light saber, choosing a handle to blade color. Besides, you can also customize the look of your light saber during the gameplay. The game gives you a possibility to choose adventure and missions you want to fulfill. You will have lots of exciting hours of play in both single-player and multiplayer game modes. Multiplayer game features the following game modes such as Free For All, Team Free For All, Capture the Flag, and Duel.

Publisher: LucasArts Entertainment

Extras and features:
Create a Character Options
Game Modes in Multiplayer: Free For All, Team Free For All, Capture the Flag, and Duel
Unique Level Selection System
The storyline is not so much engaging

Requirements: Windows 98,Windows XP,Windows Me

Alternative names: Stur Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy, Star Wors Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy, Star Wars Gedi Knight: Jedi Acedemy, Star Wars Dgedi Knight: Jedi Academy

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