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SWAT 4 Gold

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   Action game. You want to be a part of a SWAT team?! Then this game is for you! Play this first-person shooter game and experience new types of weapons and tactics. You are in charge of a group of five SWAT officers. Take part in different kinds of missions. The main task is different in each mission. In this game you play according to the real world rules: you mustn't use your weapon when you want to, try to arrest criminals without using it. You control not only your own deeds but those of the four officers who break up in pairs. There is a great amount of suggested weapons available.

Publisher: Vivendi Games

Extras and features:
Amazing Detailed Graphics
Over Two Dozen of Single-Player Campaigns
Great Amount of Challenges
Pleanty of Modern Weapons
The sound effects are standard

Requirements: Windows XP

Alternative names: Swat IV Gold, Swat 4 Golden, Swat4Gold, Swat Four Gold

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