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Cars Radiator Springs Adventures

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Adventure. You saw the movie with central character Lightning McQueen and now want to try yourself as the racer. You have got not only a sequence of races, but also an open world based on the on the town of radiator springs and the surrounding countryside to provide the backbone of the whole experience. So everything is simple along the way you need to guide Lightni8ng McQueen through both races and mini-games on his way to win where the mini games have you doing things like retrieving lost postcards or running through obstacle courses. It offers 10 widely different games. One of them asks to use logic to rearrange parked cars and trucks to make a path to exit the drive-in theater; in another you should use the memory, to help organize items in Lizzie's Curio Shop.  

Publisher: THQ

Extras and features:
· Colorful Detailed Graphics
· 40 hours of game
· Colourful Amusing Characters
· Numerous Exciting Minigames
· Cutscenes look crude
· Boring soundtracks

Requirements: Mac OS X,Windows XP

Alternative names: Car Radiator Springs Adventures, CarsRadiator Springs Adventures, Cars Radaitor Springs Adventures, Cars Radiators Springs Adventure.

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