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Dark Fall: The Journal

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   Adventure game. At the beginning of the game you get the message from your brother, an architect who is surveying the old Dowerton station in Dorset, England. From the talk you learn that there are a lot of strange disappearances in town. Besides, your brother.s university students, Nigel and Polly, are armed with specific equipment and hunt for ghosts there. So you decide to have a journey to Dowerton and meet with your brother. When you arrive, you find that everything is rather strange around you: the deserted station, an empty train. You start exploring and analyzing everything around, including: the station, the train tunnels, the hotel, etc. Carrying out your discoveries, you feel that you are not alone; someone is always near you. Be ready to find different artifacts, valuable journal, lots of documents, and much more throughout the gameplay. You will test your skills solving a lot of logical puzzles, resolving different tasks, making everything to discover the mystery. You will spend in the hotel most of the gameplay time.

Publisher: Dreamcatcher Interactive

Extras and features:
Over Forty Rooms to Explore
Lots of Puzzles to Solve
Engaging Storyline
The game lacks details in graphics

Requirements: Windows 95,Windows XP,Windows Me,Windows 2000,Windows 98

Alternative names: Darc Fall: The Journal, Dark Fall: The Jornal, Dark Fal: The Journal

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