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Indigo Prophecy

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   Adventure game. Strange things happen in New York City, ordinary people kill total strangers in public areas without any reason. Assume the role of one of the four suggested characters and lead an ordinary life, where you have a job with everyday life routine. But once, all this ends. You find yourself over a dead body holding a bloody knife in your hands. You can.t understand what.s going on, but you understand that you don.t know the victim killed. Your task is to find the keys to solve this mystery. Don.t forget that you should be one step ahead of the cops, discovering how all this has happened. All your decisions and actions affect future actions and scenes, and the end of the game itself. Together with supernatural storyline the game provides you with truly innovative game play. Manage your character through 44 challenging acts, solving the main mystery. You are given four characters to choose from, so you see the game from different angles, it.s up to you to decide in which role you would like to play the game.

Publisher: Atari

Extras and features:
Four Characters to Choose
Forty Four Challenging Acts
Exciting Supernatural Storyline
Challenging Mini-Games
The graphics should be improved

Requirements: Windows XP

Alternative names: Endigo Prophecy, Indigo Profecy, Indigo Propheci

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