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King's Quest Compilation

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Adventure game. King's Quest Compilation includes all seven King's Quest adventure games, where you step into a magical world full of challenges and fun. Each of seven games has its own storyline. You experience great adventures full of exciting characters and tasks to fulfill. In one of the games you assume the role of Sir Graham, a brave knight who is trying to retrieve three magical artifacts to win the crown of King Edward the Benevolent. You don't play the same character throughout all the games. Sometimes you try yourself in the role of Rosella, the daughter of King Graham, who is searching for a special fruit to cure her father and much more. This compilation gives you a possibility to see the characters' development over some time. 

Publisher: Vivendi Games

Extras and features:
· Seven Exciting King's Quest Games
· Three Other Games: The Colonel's Bequest, The Dagger of Amon Ra and Mixed-up Mother
· Lots of Fun and Challenges
· The lack of information in the tutorial

Requirements: Windows XP

Alternative names: King'sQuest Compilation, KingQuest Compilation

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