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Law and Order Triple Pack

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   Adventure game. Law and Order Triple Pack includes three previously released games: Law and Order Dead on the Money, Law and Order Justice is Served, and Law and Order Double or Nothing. All the games are built on a famous TV show where your main task is to solve a crime. Assume the role of a detective and collect evidence, interview suspects, make an arrest, and take the criminal to trial. Lennie Briscoe is your partner who will help you throughout the gameplay. You will face different interesting cases in the games from the pack, which feature different objectives, a number of challenging tasks to fulfill, and puzzles to solve. The murder of a tennis star before the beginning of U.S. open will bring lots of unanswered questions which you should solve. A strangled woman's murder is not less challenging and easy. If to speak about Double or Nothing game, here you should find out why a renowned scientist, who was working on a secret project was shoot. Playing the game you will spend lots of hours near your computer trying to find the answers for a number of questions.

Publisher: UBI Soft

Extras and features:
Three Games in One
A Number of Puzzles to Solve
A Great Variety of Clues to Find
Engaging Storyline
Low replay value

Requirements: Windows XP

Alternative names: Low and Oder Traiple Peck, Lou and Orde Tripl Pak.

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