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Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?

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Reviewed by Yuri Storchak

   Educational game / puzzle. The game takes you into exciting journey all over the world, where you have a possibility to encounter exotic sights, meet different unusual people and arrest them. When you collect all the evidence you should go to court. But be very attentive as your evidence should be very substantial otherwise your suspect may go free. Be very careful making conclusions, not to make mistake. The game is good for kids as it develops their knowledge of geography, history and other subjects as well as their logical thinking. It focuses on geography and world cultures, while the players are traveling though Earth.s major cities, learning more about other languages, habits of different cultures, and other interesting information. In a case the player experiences some difficulty playing the game, there are clues which can help providing him or her with true facts about the nation the player is visiting.

Publisher: The Learning Company

Extras and features:
200 Animated Characters
Forty Challenging Cases
Over Fifty Countries to Travel
Eight Ranks
The tutorial lacks information

Requirements: Macintosh,Windows,Windows 3.x

Alternative names: Were in the Wold is Karmen Sundiego?, Wher in the Wolrd iz Carman Sediego.

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Rate: 83%
Price: $1999
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