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Reviewed by Yuri Storchak

   Racing simulation. GT Legends takes a cue from Papyrus' Grand Prix Legends and concerns itself wholly with vintage '60s and '70s racing machines. From tricked-out water bugs like the Mini and Cortina to growling Shelbys, slick Porsches, and a variety of madly powerful built-for-racing beasts, the game is a journey into the past on today's tracks. GT Legends delivers a gritty, entirely believable, and eminently scalable experience. When played at the most approachable of its five difficulty levels, GT Legends is a great racing game for those who don't want to sweat the details. GT Legends funnels you down three paths. The first is the quick race, a format that allows you to choose any of the game's 25 tracks and any of the game's cars. You first must unlock those tracks and cars by winning credits in GT Legends' central component, the cup challenge. Not really a career, the cup challenge consists of numerous championships. These championships vary in size and scope, sometimes featuring but a couple of short five-minute races or just a single class of car, and other times taking you through a set of a half-dozen or more long or endurance events and placing several car classes in the track simultaneously, just as is they do in the real-world FIA-GTC-GT series. GT Legends is easily one of the prettiest visual spectacles ever released into the PC racing world. The depiction of each of the game's 11 storied raceways is flat-out incredible. And you'll have ample opportunity to check it out up close, because the game's bumper cam is about a foot off the ground and picks up every nuance and all that hyper complex curbing. Even the pavement is gloriously detailed, thus resulting in a downright frightening sensation of speed.

Publisher: Viva Media

Extras and features:
Best-looking Cars in PC Racing
Sophisticated Audio
Scalable Physics Modeling
No races in rainy weather

Requirements: Windows XP,Windows 2000

Alternative names: GTLegends, GT Legend.

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