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Civilization 3 Complete

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   Strategy game. Civilization 3 Collection includes the original Civilization III and its two expansions for you to experience the greatest strategy experience ever! Build the ultimate empire in the quest to rule the world. You should be clever enough to negotiate trade, conquer, and rule the world in a right way. You have a lot of paths to victory; it is up to choose the one you want. Be ready to combine diplomatic finesse, cultural domination, and military might in a clever way to reach your goal. The pack includes all Conquest scenarios, multiplayer modes, and 31 playable nations. The game is interesting and challenging in any game mode, online or single-player. Be sure you will have so many tasks to fulfill and goals to reach that you will spend lots of gameplay hours surprisingly for yourself. If you have never played any of Civilization game series, you should definitely buy this collection not because of the quantity of games in it, but because you would love it!

Publisher: 2K Games

Extras and features:
Three Exciting Games in One
Lots of Enhanced Units to Use
Challenging Scenarios to Take Part in
Several Difficulty Levels
There should be a greater variety of scenarios

Requirements: Windows 2000,Windows Me,Windows 98,Windows XP,Windows NT

Alternative names: Cevilization 3 Collection, Civilization 3 Colection, Civilization 3 Kollection

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