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Combat Mission Anthology

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   Turn-based strategy. Combat Mission Anthology is a unique compilation of three challenging games: Combat Mission, Combat Mission 2, and Combat Mission: Africa Corps. If you have enjoyed playing at least one of the games from the pack, then you should need to buy this expansion for sure, as all of the games have some common features, including engaging storyline, a number of missions, types of vehicles and weapons to use, and much more. For those who have never played any of the games I.ll tell that the events of the game are set during World War II. You will experience starting from the massive allied assault in Normandy to liberation of Paris, the defensive battle for Italy and Sicily, the combat between Germany and the Soviet Union, and much more. You will go through the whole World War II, from its beginning till its end. Be ready to take part in more than 400 exciting scenarios with a number of objectives and tasks to fulfill.

Publisher: CDV Software

Extras and features:
Over 400 Exciting Scenarios
Over 100 Scenarios Online
Three Challenging Games in One
A Number of Weapons and Vehicle Types to Use
The sound system as well as graphics should be modified

Requirements: Windows XP

Alternative names: Kombat Mision Antology, Combet Misseon Antholodgy.

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