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Europa Universalis III

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   Strategy game. Europa Universalis III is an exciting sequel to the well-known game series. At the beginning of the game you can choose a starting for the game date (between 1453 . 1792) and, of course, choose a nation you want to play. The game provides you with information about nations you will choose between. Besides, the game introduces a decent collection of tutorials to you. You don.t have any specific objectives given by the game; just you will do what you consider to be important. So, you have a possibility to experience history on your own in different ways. Everything depends on your choices and actions throughout the game. You always have a great variety of choices no matter what strategy you have. You can battle either at sea or on land, developing infantry, artillery or building ships, etc. Control other nations by your choices. It is easy to learn how to control your government and economy, though it becomes harder with the game.s progress. Try your skills against other players in Multiplayer mode. It suggests numerous options to use and supports up to 32 players in a single game.

Publisher: ValuSoft, a Division of THQ, Inc.

Extras and features:
Over 1000 Historical Leaders
More than 100 Individual Units to Manage
Different Ways to Customize Your Gameplay
Interesting Historical Background of the Game
Too many unclear options in Multiplayer Mode

Requirements: Windows

Alternative names: Europe Universalis III, Europa Universals III, Europa Yuniversalis III, Europa Universalis 3,Europa Universalis Three

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