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Star Wars: Empire at War

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Strategy game. In Star Wars: Empire at War game the battles take place either in space or on the ground. The game makes you operating on both strategic and tactical levels. You have a possibility to immerse yourself in the Star Wars universe. Throughout the game play you are involved in the conflict between the Rebels and the Empire. You must always be rather attentive and at the same time quick as you simultaneously manage your economy, build factories, ships, space stations, manage your forces around the galaxy and much more. The Empire and the Rebels have a lot of differences. One of the main difference is - that the Empire generates a lot more money. The Rebels have fewer resources but they can steal technology or something like this. You should be always on the watch, trying not to make big mistakes. Remember that the number of units you can control at once is limited. Such weather effects as snow or heavy rain can lower the effectiveness of weapons. There are quite a number of factors you should always take into account.

Publisher: Lucas Arts Entertainment Co. LLC

Extras and features:
· Two Scenarios: Campaign and Galactic-Conquest
· Forty Different Planets to Take Care of
· Two Types of Battles: in Space or on the Ground
· A Great Variety of Unforgettable Characters
· The game gets a bit repetitive

Requirements: Windows XP,Windows 2000

Alternative names: Star Wars: Empire at Wars, StarWars: Empire at War, Star Wars Empire at War.

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