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Real-time strategy game. StarCraft Battle Chest is a great expansion pack for all the fans of real-time strategy games. It includes three distinct races, which are characterized by unique capabilities and strategies, among which are: the Terrains, who look human, the Zerg, who look like alien creatures and the Protoss, an alien race. A lot of new features are added in the expansion pack. You will take part in the challenging three act plot, playing through 56 missions and 6 unique campaigns. As in previous games the task stays the same here, you decide the fate of the Galaxy. Battle to take control of it in this exciting game. Be ready to spend many hours in space-based action and combat. You face three sides of a galactic conflict: Scheming humans, insidious Zerg and proud Protoss collide. You have an access to more than 170 player maps. You learn lots of new things, among them are: how to manage resources, overcome obstacles, create a military base and much more. Be very attentive and logical to succeed in the game.  

Publisher: Vivendi Universal

Extras and features:
· Exciting 3 Acts-Plot
· Fifty Five Exciting Missions
· Six Challenging Campaigns
· Three Sides of Conflict
· There must be more information in the tutorial

Requirements: Macintosh,Windows

Alternative names: Star Craft Battle Chest, StarCraftBattleChest, StarKraft Battle Chest, StarCraft BattleChest

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