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Zeus: Master of Olympus

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   Strategy game. Zeus: Master of Olympus is an exciting sequel in the award-winning Impressions City Building series. All the events of the game are set in a mythological ancient Greece where you should build city-states; protect your land from different kinds of monsters. You will play in the world full of interesting characters, including: Hercules, Athena, Medusa, Ares, and many others. Be very attentive and think strategically because there is a number of things you should take care of. The game is one of the most exciting city-building games. On the first glance the game is quite simple, but the difficulty grows with the game.s progress. The missions are not long and the objectives are even clearer than in previous games. To set up a successful city is easier. Even the gameplay has become more relaxed here. You can choose from different levels of difficulty ranging from easy to challenging. There is quite a number of campaigns, all of them are divided into smaller missions. The campaign structure is also improved in the sequel. Lots of challenging moments are waiting for you in this game!

Publisher: Vivendi Universal

Extras and features:
Impressive Graphics
Three Exciting Play Modes
Multiple Difficulty Levels
Comprehensive Tutorial
The full installation of the game is pretty long

Requirements: Windows 95,Windows Me,Windows 98

Alternative names: Zeys: Muster of Olimpus, Seus: Mastr of Olympas

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