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   Tycoon game. Railroad Tycoon 3 is one more exciting sequel to the original game which provides players with numerous improved features and items. Here you can create a superb railroad industry, developing it, bringing something new to its prosperity. Your empire should stretch across continents and centuries. There is no need to play the previous versions of the game before trying this one. Besides building your empire, you can modify landscapes with World Editor. Lots of enhancements were made in the respect of economic model; it works easier and better in this game. The most important step of the game stays the same here . is to lay track, connecting cities that are full of goods. The task may sound easy but it is not really so easy, as there are lots of hills and rivers get in your way. So you should always take the geography into account. Do everything you can to earn as much money as possible. Besides building a track there are numerous tasks to fulfill. So, if you want to be a successful player you should work much at your computer!

Publisher: Global Star

Extras and features:
Gorgeous Graphics
Twenty Five Challenging Scenarios
Numerous New Items and Features
World Editor Option
The tutorial lacks information

Requirements: Windows 98,Windows 2000,Windows Me,Windows XP

Alternative names: Raelroad Tycoon 3, Railroad Tycun 3, Railroad Tykoon 3, Railroad Tycoon III, Railroad Tycoon Three

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