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Business simulation. Rollercoaster Tycoon 3: Wild is a great sequel to the Rollercoaster Tycoon games, which suggests lots of improved scenarios and items. You have a possibility to add Safari park elements to your creations. You will build Safari rides and see the animals. There are some new exciting themes, including 'Jungle' and 'Prehistoric' which include animated dinosaurs. As in previous games you are to interact with your enemies: play, train and feed them. There are a number of new challenging features added to the gameplay, including: the danger of becoming tiger food and others. The expansion pack is a great addition to the game series. There is a great variety of ways to play this fun and challenging game.  

Publisher: Atari

Extras and features:
· Two New Themes: Jungle and Prehistoric
· A Number of New Scenarios
· Lots of Tasks to Fulfill
· The game lacks scenarios

Requirements: Windows XP

Alternative names: Rolercaster Ticoon 3: Waild, Rollercaoster Tykoon 3: Weld, Rolecaster Tikun 3: Vild.

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