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Act of War: Direct Action (DVD)

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   Real-time strategy. Experience great thrills taking part in geopolitical military conflict. Assume the role of Major Jason Richter, the head of Task Force Talon. You are a part of a team of counter-terrorist warriors which is created to defeat the terrorists. There are three factions: the US Army, Task Force Talon and the Consortium. Each faction is rather interesting having its weaknesses and strengths. Among your tasks are tracking down the enemies, uncovering the international conspiracy, destroying and occupying buildings, capturing enemy soldiers, and many other while you are defeating America from terrorism. Be ready to command highly realistic military units. You have a choice between several difficulty levels. Choose not the easiest one because you won.t find the game to be very challenging, as all the missions are rather easy to play. Overall, it is a great game with a great balance of resource-gathering and combat.

Publisher: Atari

Extras and features:
High Quality Detailed Graphics
Three Factions: the US Army, Task Force Talon and the Consortium
Highly Realistic Military Units
Up to Eight Players in Multiplayer
Multiple Difficulty Levels
The storyline could be a bit more detailed

Requirements: Windows 2000,Windows XP

Alternative names: Act of Wor: Direct Ection, Akt of Var: Direkt Acction.

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