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Act of War: High Treason

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   Real-time strategy. Act of War: High Treason is a challenging sequel to the Act of War: Direct Action game. The game features a lot more compelling since the previous game. Before the presidential elections, terrorist hit both candidates. All the clues lead to a shadowy organization, called the Consortium. Asume the role of a general and control a new unit which helps to defeat the terrorism, called Task Force TALON. Spend much time fulfilling classified spy missions. Do all you can to reach your goal. The new campaign includes the characters from the original game as well as a new cast of characters who interact throughout the gameplay. All in your hands do everything you can to create another classic techno-thriller. Nine new units for hire range from close assault troops with Benelli shotguns to Roland SAM systems. Each faction is customized by units and upgrades, such as: bombers, Stinger infantry, recon helicopters, different kinds of missiles, and much more, with the game's progress. The multiplayer game is also improved here; it suggests map wealth, resource sharing, two new game modes, Marine One Down and SCUD Launcher. Lots of enhancements make the game very challenging and exciting.

Publisher: Atari

Extras and features:
Numerous Unique Upgrades
Nine New Units for Hire
Two New Multiplayer Game Modes: Marine One Down and SCUD Launcher
New Multiplayer Options
There are some minor flaws in graphics

Requirements: Windows XP

Alternative names: Ect of War: High Treason, Act of Wor: High Treason, Act of War: Hai Treason, Act of War: High Treasn

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