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Ancient Wars: Sparta

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   Historic real-time strategy. Ancient Wars: Sparta is an exciting game which recreates the epic history of Spartans, Persians and Egyptians during three huge campaigns. Dive into the realistic historic events around 500 to 450 BC. You will fight for supremacy in the Eastern Mediterranean using each nation.s specific powers during huge battles. Choose between three different unique nations and try your leader playing skills in the game. Take an army with a huge variety of units, ships, and weapons, under the control. Be ready to equip your soldiers with weapons of your choice. Your soldiers can also use the weapons taken from the enemy. The game gives you a possibility to use such natural elements, like wind and fire as an advantage in your strategic plan. Don.t forget that you should care not only about combat but about resources as well. Make your workers gather them to develop economy, upgrade your defenses with walls and much more for a better protection. Gold is the most important resource in the game. Go through 27 challenging missions and show your best!

Publisher: Eidos Interactive

Extras and features:
Three Nations to Choose From
Vast Choice of Weapons to Your Disposal
Three Huge Campaigns
The economy system should be upgraded in the game

Requirements: Windows XP

Alternative names: Anshent Wars: Sparta, Ancient Wors: Sparta, Ashient Wars: Sparta, Ancient Wars: Cparta, Ancent Wars: Sparta

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