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Real-time strategy. Black & White 2 is a new improved version of Black & White games, which presents a more coherent story. All the game's events take place in a fantasy world which is occupied by the Greeks, the Norsemen, the Japanese and the Aztecs. You play as a god, having a mutual relationship with your people, who worship you. Decide whether you are going to be a good god or an evil one. The game is about moral choices. Your primary goal is to build cities. But here you also face a choice: either to defeat your enemy peacefully by building a dazzling metropolis which makes his population to be on your side or by creating a huge city with large army by means of which you can crush your enemy. It is up to you to choose the strategy. There is number of buildings and structures you need to establish to support your population. Your enemies are not less strong than you; they can send a natural disaster, so you must be ready for this or anything of this kind to protect your population and structures. There is an animal avatar in the game, the creature. You can choose from a cow, lion, ape and wolf. Your task is to grow it up and it will slowly develop its own personality over time. A well-trained creature can help you in difficult situations. Now, you always know what your creature is thinking about; unlike it was in the previous game.  

Publisher: Electronic Arts

Extras and features:
· Huge Maps
· Choose the Creature from: Cow, Lion, Ape and Wolf
· Breathtaking 3D World
· A Lot of Missions to Take Part in
· There is less free-form gameplay than it was in the original game

Requirements: Windows XP

Alternative names: Blak and Wite 2; Blac and Wate 2; Bleck and Vhite 2

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