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Command & Conquer Red Alert 2 Expansion: Yuri's RevengePlayer's Award

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   The world is again on the edge of apocalypse. Yuri, the powerful warrior has defeated Soviet masters and now has the scheme to control the world. He is armed with powerful weapons, dangerous technologies, and great variety of controlling devices to take cities under his control. Choosing single-player option, you can take under your command the Allies and try to defeat this threat to freedom, or lead the Soviets and punish Yuri. In multiplayer mode you.ll take under your control Yuri.s army using all the powerful weapons and forbidden technologies, such as: cloning, genetics, viruses and much more. Taking part in ten new cooperative missions you will have a number of challenging options to deal with. The popular characters from Red Alert 2 are back in this expansion. Tanya and Romanov are ready to lead war in cities around the world, including London, San Francisco, and Cairo.

Publisher: Electronic Arts

Extras and features:
A Number of New Units to Use
Ten New Cooperative Missions in Multiplayer
Two Game Modes: Single-Player and Multiplayer
Engaging Storyline
A New Side, Yuris Forces
Three Factions to Play
The sound system could be better

Requirements: Windows 98,Windows 2000,Windows Me,Windows 95

Alternative names: Comand and Conkuer Ret Alart 2 Ixpansion: Juri.s Rivenge, Commend and Konquer Rad Alurt 2 Ekspansion: Yri.s Revendge.

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