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D Day

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   Action. Experience great thrills and dangers, taking part in the most exciting battles of World War II. Take charge of battalions and plan your attacks carefully trying to defeat your enemies by the strategic plans, using forceful troops, weapons and vehicles. Totally, there are twelve compelling missions, which will take all your attention and strategic thinking throughout game play. More than 60 different units are under your command; use them during three challenging campaigns. In Scenario Mode you deal with units of your choice and can replay the missions. The game suggests deep multiplayer option with up to 8 players online. You can use twelve maps in multiplayer games: Death Match, Conquer and Capture the Flag. You have a possibility to design your own multiplayer maps easily, creating a number of objects, terrain and much more. The game suggests a new feature which let you pause a game and think about tactics and think about your orders in advance.

Publisher: O3 Entertainment

Extras and features:
Three Huge Campaigns
Twelve Challenging Missions
Over 60 Different Units
Twelve Maps in Multiplayer
Up to 8 Players Online
Map Editor
The tutorial lacks information

Requirements: Windows NT,Windows XP,Windows Me,Windows 2000,Windows 98

Alternative names: D-Dey, D-Dei, Di-Day

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