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Empire Earth 2 Platinum Edition

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   Real-time strategy. The main idea of the game is developing of your country. You can be the head of a real nation such as the Greeks, the British, the French, the Germans and so on. But at the same time you can create your own nation. The game concept is well known for people who like strategies. You start your developing on a casual map, found your city, mine resources, build up different works such as fortresses, hospitals, temples, and so on. And of course you should make up different units peaceful and military character. Starting from a few villagers and a scout, with just one starting building (a town center), the game was still meant for building a huge empire, recruiting a massive army, and conquering the opponent. Only in this game you can control the past, present and future. It means that the game leads your civilization through 12,000 years of conquest. . If you are creative, you might want to make scenarios, maps that players can use. Online play is also available, so if your friends own it you could play together. You could get addicted to this game for a long time, since the campaigns are challenging and each random map is different.

Publisher: Vivendi Games

Extras and features:
15 Epochs and 14 Different Civilizations
Up to 10 Players in Multiplayer
Unique reward system
Stunning Graphics
Some campaigns are too difficult

Requirements: Windows 2000,Windows XP,Windows 98,Windows Me

Alternative names: Empire Earth II Platinum Edition, Empire Earth Two Platinum Edition, Empire Earth the Second Platinum Edition, Epmire Earth 2 Platinum Edition, Empire Earht 2 Platinum Edition.

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