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Empires: Dawn of the Modern WorldPlayer's Award

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   Historic real-time strategy. Empires: Dawn of the Modern World is an engaging game which puts you in command of millennium of human history! All the events of the game take place during the most significant years in history, 950-1950 AD, from medieval knights to the World War II, describing five ages. Choose one of the nine suggested nations, all of which are historically-based, and lead it. Be ready to battle on land, at sea, and in air during story-based campaigns. You can play both: single- and multi-player modes, both of them are quite challenging and interesting. You will guide four resource economic models in the single-player missions. The game takes you to the exciting three huge campaigns, which are quite equal in difficulty. The WWII suggests the biggest and best battles of the three. It vividly presents how military tactics has changed in the centuries. The game provides you with lots of new items and features, which make the game even more interesting than ever! Play two game modes: action and empire builder. Both suggest lots of exciting missions and challenging tasks.

Publisher: Activision

Extras and features:
Nine Nations to Choose From
Three Types of Battles: on Land, at Sea, in Air
Two Game Modes: Single-Player and Multiplayer
Exciting Story-Based Campaign
Three Huge Campaigns
There is no tutorial in the game

Requirements: Windows XP,Windows Me,Windows 98

Alternative names: Impires: Dawn of the Modern World, Empires: Daun of the Modern World, Empires: Dawn of the Moden World

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