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Sins of a Solar Empire

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Reviewed by Yuri Storchak

Real Time strategy. Sins of a Solar Empire takes you to the exciting future of the Galaxy world. Command one of three space races, trying to take the whole Galaxy under the control. You are responsible for all the gameplay aspects, which include: cultural influence, economic skills, diplomacy, military might, and much more. Be ready to conquer different planets, explore distant solar systems, improving powerful units throughout the gameplay, etc. With the game’s progress, numerous new possibilities of customization are opened before you, thus, you can upgrade offensive and defensive systems of your space ship, unlock unique abilities, which will make your task easier. Among the other tasks set before you, you’ll find the following: trade routes establishment, alliances breaking, commodities market’s manipulation, and others. Your success totally depends on your ability to manage the Empire and command the vast fleets of starships. SO, everything is in your hands!

Publisher: Stardock

Extras and features:
· Three Unique Space Races to Take under Control
· Up to 10 000 Particles on the Screen at Once
· High Resolution Compressed Textures
· Thousands of Planets to Explore
· The absence of single-player campaign

Requirements: Windows XP

Alternative names: Sines of a Solar Empire, Sins of a Colar Empire, Sins of a Sola Empire, Sins of a Solar Impire

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