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   Real-time strategy. Warlords BattleCry 3 is one more exciting sequel of Warlords Battlecry series, which suggests engaging storyline, innovative dynamic campaigns, superb characters and other improvements. But at the same time, in spite of the new features, the game plays very much like its predecessors. Your fist job in the sequel is to create a hero and lead your armies during the campaign. Your character gains experience and improves his or her abilities, new skills with the game.s progress. This means that you can create quite a powerful hero at the end of the game. There is a great number of characters to choose from in the game, including 15 races and a dozen of character classes. Each nation has its own units, technology tree, and build tree, and plays differently from the other races. Be ready to conquer a province after province, traveling across the world in attempt to stop a powerful demon on the loose. Visiting different locations you will take part in a number of challenging quests and exciting missions. In some missions you will try to find any clues about where the demon went. In all the missions you should try to earn as more points as you can. Sometimes you can get certain bonuses when you lead your native race.

Publisher: Enlight Interactive

Extras and features:
Fifteen Races
New Adventure Style Campaign
Six New Types of Dragons
Full Map Editor
New Terrain
The game doesnt differ much from its predecessors
There is no zoom option

Requirements: Windows 98,Windows 2000,Windows Me,Windows XP

Alternative names: Worlords Batlecry 3, War lords Bettle Crai, Warlordes Batlecrey.

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