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   Role-playing game. Fallout 2 is an exciting sequel of the famous role-playing game Fallout. The game combines real-time strategy and tactical combat. The changes were done in both of types of combats. Assume the role of a tribal ancestor of Fallout.s vault dweller who is chosen to to save the community. The game.s events are set 80 years after the events of the original game. To revitalize the village of your people you should help them to find A Garden of Eden Creation Kit. So your main quest is to retrieve a GECK. Be ready to deal with a number of different monsters and communities of misfits, mutants. As in previous game your character can be accompanied by several computer characters, which help you to fulfill your missions. You can customize their action as well with the game.s progress. All the locations in the game are original and unique. The character creation feature is almost the same as in the original game.

Publisher: Interplay

Extras and features:
Exciting Storyline
Two Types of Combat
A Number of Characters to Deal with
Easy Control System
There are some flaws in graphics

Requirements: Windows 2000,Windows 98,Windows Me,Windows 95

Alternative names: Falout 2, Fellout 2, Follout 2, Fallout II, Fallout Two.

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