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Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of SteelPlayer's Award

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   Role-playing game. Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel is an exciting sequel of Fallout games series. It has taken several enjoyable elements from the previous games and added some new exciting features which make the game even more interesting than the previous its versions. The most notable new feature here is design editor option which gives you a possibility to do everything the way you want to, for example: to turn formations on or off, etc. At the beginning of the game you create a character with the RPG system from previous versions of the game. You will assume the role of a junior squad leader in an expeditionary force of the Brotherhood of Steel, a group of soldiers who maintain strict control over American.s superiority. You will play the game in a similar way that played Fallout, moving around on a world map, driving vehicles, walking to destinations, taking part in different missions, etc. Be ready to deal with a number of characters, who have statistics like perception, agility, luck, charisma, strength, and endurance. With the game.s progress the characters enhance in various skills, gaining special perks which can affect their abilities. With each successful completion of mission you can improve not only your characters but vehicles, weapons, equipment also. The game brings lots of challenging hours of gameplay.

Publisher: Vivendi Universal

Extras and features:
Six Squad Members to Control at a Time
Combat Modes Include: One Real-Time and Two Turn-Based
Character Editor
Twenty Exciting Tactical Missions
The game lacks detailed tutorial

Requirements: Windows 95,Windows Me,Windows 98

Alternative names: Falout Tectics: Brotherhod of Stil, Follout Taktics: Bratherhood of Stel.

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