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   Role-playing game. The problem with exploring in Gothic is that the game is very challenging, so much that you will have troubles with killing many monsters, you encounter, for quite some time. It doesn.t mean that you can't succeed if you use a little bit of cleverness. Unlike other games where you can kill everything that the developers throw at you as you advance, Gothic 2 makes you die a lot if you cross the wrong monsters. But once you start gaining levels, getting stronger and more skilled in your chosen weapon, you will eventually begin to kill all those monsters in Khorinis with ease. This game really gives you the motivation to kill everything you see, to explore, to do every quest, simply to become more powerful. You'll find so many people to talk to, so many quests to keep you busy. You also have to choose your own path. While this doesn't affect the main story, it will give you different quests. There are 3 Guilds to choose from. Paladin, Mercenaries, and Mages. Regardless of which you want to choose, you should probably do all quests from each guild before joining in order to get the maximum experience. Once you choose it is permanent and all quests which you were able to do in order to join the other 2 guilds will no longer be available. You then go from quest to quest, gaining levels, exploring, watching the citizens go about their lives, as it switches from Day to Night. You are able to train your character with many different types of attributes, such as magic circles, level gaining, alchemy, rune creating, forging, and much more. The game is very enjoyable and I'm sure all who play this game will admire it the way I do.

Publisher: Aspyr Media

Extras and features:
Impressive Graphics
Sophisticated Audio
Captivating Story
Enemies are too strong

Requirements: Windows 98,Windows Me,Windows 2000,Windows XP

Alternative names: Gothic II Gold, Gothic Two Gold, Gothik 2 Gold, Gohtic 2 Gold

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